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June 6, 2017

New York, NY - June 5, 2017 – Independence Day’s biggest bangs and booms will ignite the skyline in New York City with a jaw-dropping 60,000 plus barrage of thrilling shells and effects for the 41st Annual Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks. The 25-minute choreographed display will showcase never before seen effects and a powerful musical score that will serve as the blueprint for the high-flying spectacle.

A massive undertaking more than a year in the making, Macy’s Fireworks are intricately choreographed and produced. Each of the more than 60,000 effects are  hand-wired and packed into firing mortars aboard specially rigged barges in order to create the synchronized launch of approximately 2,400 shells per minute. The show, viewed by millions across the country, includes 50 tons of equipment, 15 miles of cabling, 2,200 lines of computer programmed cues, 13 synchronized computer systems, and takes 50 crew members 10 days to load.

New effects for 2017 include color-changing chrysanthemums, purple crackling ghost peonies, orange bees and pulsing happy faces. A host of three dimensional effects will be brought to life using 23 different electrifying colors including fuchsia, lemon, and aqua.

As the basis for the Fireworks choreography, the score will feature performances from the West Point Band, who have lent their instrumental talents to create ANTHEM, the show’s inspiring all-American musical tribute. Featuring new arrangements of Independence Day favorites like “Yankee Doodle, “You're A Grand Old Flag,” and “America the Beautiful,” the show will ignite patriotism in the hearts of millions.

In addition to the band, the West Point Glee Club will provide vocal backing to a number of tunes providing the soaring melodies for the high-flying explosions. Taking the lead on a new arrangement of the Elvis Presley hit “If I Can Dream,” Grammy® and Tony®-Award winner, Heather Headley, will cause spirits to soar in emotional delight. The show will kick off with lauded operatic vocalist Jamie Barton’s rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and country star Craig Campbell will perform a county ballad entitled “American Anthem.”

Highlights of the creative presentation of the

41ST Annual Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks include:


  • The show commences with vibrant silver chrysanthemums featuring rising silver tails, leading to bursts of titanium flash reports.
  • Silver diadem chrysanthemums laced with small blue and red flowers will dance along the water’s edge as the opening fanfare unfolds.

Star Spangled Banner       

  • Alternating red and blue peonies will litter the sky at the song’s opening.
  • Red, white and blue falling leaves will fill the lower sky as mines with red tips pair to the “…rockets red glare” refrain.
  • As the number concludes, the song’s finale features golden wave shells that lead to red and blue bursts.

The Thunderer March       

  • Whistling dragons, double-spinning butterflies in lemon, tangerine, and violet will thunder into the sky during the song as purple, green and orange dahlias burst in the night.
  • Red, lime and orange bees will scream into view as silver comet tail reports fan across the skyline.

 The Spirit of America Medley     

Johnny Comes Marching Home

  • Gold and white strobing bursts sparkle with the pace of the fife and drum introduction with the number progressing to include blue and green magic peonies and ghost shells.

Yankee Doodle Dandy

  • Silver hummers zoom above the water level and climb to the sky and through the clouds while multicolor flower sheets twirl even higher above.

You’re a Grand Old Flag

  • Gold and silver shells with changing colors of red, blue burst while comets fan below timed to the vocals.

This is My Country

  • Green strobing cascades, transitioning to green and red strobing cascades fill the upper levels of the sky, while red and green strobing tiger tails fill in the lower sky and touch the water.
  • As the music grows bold and full, the fireworks complement the volume and consume the sky with large bursts, first as an arching cascade of red and green, then to a finale of red, white and blue.

American Anthem

  • More than 1,000 shells of silver lion and red glitter will roar into the sky within 10 seconds at the start of the number.
  • The chorus is complemented by slow paced and majestic willows of red and golden strobing bursts.
  • The vocal humming at the end of the song is accompanied with soft, narrow, slow bursting waterfalls with strobing white tips.

Lullaby of Broadway

  • High definition, low and wide “pyro-techno” comet tracers are directionally angled to the fast paced music to mimic a Broadway dancer’s kick.
  • Multi-dimensional and multicolor effects take center stage during this song as orange and gold glitter comets, aqua magic peonies, and magenta, lemon, aqua, orange peonies cascade in rings all creating unique illusions.
  • The finale features a wall of magenta stars converting to variegated strobing effects above a cascade of willow pearl mines.

Armed Forces Medley

US Coast Guard:

  • The Coast Guard is represented with red and blue crossettes bursting high with lower level red and blue paddy flowers filling the high sky.

 US Air Force:

  • Mysterious UFO whirling shells in blue pistils and blue and gold crackling crossettes will rise slowly and cascade down from the sky as the Armed Forces tribute continues.

 US Navy:

  • Crackling golden palm trees with rising crackling tails fire throughout the tribute while whistling jellyfish take to sky.

US Marines:

  • Crackling tails lead to new rainbow tipped bouquet crackling shells bursts.

US Army:

  • The Armed Forces tribute concludes with charcoal willow popping chrysanthemums filling the lower level of the sky as crackling crossettes with double crackling pistils and reddish gamboes burst above.

America The Beautiful

  • New shells of red and blue waterfalls cascade above pyro pixilations, digitally timed stars precisely fired to project at the exact angle to create U-S-A letters from each barge.
  • Patriotic flowers, tulip shaped bursts projecting from the ending trail of a silver meteor comet will fall to the water’s edge as the song continues.
  • The finale is filled with new glittering silver to blue to red to silver chrysanthemums, changing color four times in one burst.

If I Can Dream

  • The slow pace of this song brings soft and gentle effects to compliment including fuchsia strobes twinkling above pink pixie dust with gold-laced comets, rising from below.
  • As the song continues and becomes more bold, powerful dramatic golden kamuro’s burst from above down to the water’s edge.
  • The signature moment of the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks comes here, as the Golden Mile fills the night sky with a golden hue a mile high and a mile wide across the river.

Fantasy on Battle Hymn of the Republic

  • Fireworks with techno-rhythmic characteristics including red white and blue pulsating strobe rings, compliment this song.
  • As an electric guitar rings from the score, purple ghosts with crackling pistils, and green/yellow eclipse shells appear. Scattered stars and flying dragons fill the sky as thundering drums beat and are followed with multicolored flashing, silent puffs from 1,000 feet in the sky.
  • As the fanfare builds to a conclusion, swimming stars of red burst at the crescendo of a rising silver tail of splitting comets.

God Bless America

  • The show’s finale will feature barrages of color tableaus filling the sky, with lower level splats of complimenting colors.
  • The number features green and red layers, green reports, silver strobing shells, red and blue peonies and patriotic thunder and palms flickering over the East River within the show’s residual smoke.
  • The classic Macy’s finale ending of a golden mile with gold willows and glittering pistils will bring a calming elegance to top off the Independence Day celebration.

Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks are made possible in part by signature partners Green Giant®, King’s Hawaiian®, and SOUR PATCH KIDS® Candy and are presented in partnership with the City of New York.

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Orlando Veras, Macy’s Media Relations


Christine Olver Nealon, Macy’s Media Relations